Iglesia Un Cantico Nuevo

235 N. Broad St .

Carneys Point NJ 08 069

Phone: 856.299.1888

email: pastoralvira@ministerioucn.com

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Confidence or Certainty, is one of the Ties with greater importance and relevance in a relationship. Confidence Is what's developed when we start to work with passion, that which our Father sent us do.


Certainty is what gives us the conviction of facing every situation, with the Hope that we will successfully achieve our goals. But this is just the platform of a greater event of glory in our lives, that is everything we do we do it from the perspective and belief in our hope of glory (Jesus) understanding that everything we do will be pleasant and successful. Continue forward, with determined goals and the direction of the author and consumer of our faith. Because He gives us the guarantee, it's the Victory given to his children by our beloved Savior who conquered death and Gave light to our lives

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Un Cantico Nuevo

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Estamos comprometidos como iglesia a ser parte de su crecimiento espiritual. Sabemos que seremos de bendición a su vida y la de su familia.



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