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Brokenness is God's requirement for us to be useful.


There may be times when your suffering will seem absolutely meaningless. You make every effort to obey God and honor Him with your life, but time and again faced frustrating obstacles and distressing circumstances. At such times, you can reach a point of such brokenness you feel you can not go on. He comes to the painful conclusion that it is not strong enough to live the life of holiness to which Christ has called you. Believe it or not, it is exactly as it should be for the heavenly Father will use in the most effective manner.


God never intended for you to live trusting your intelligence or abilities. This is what the Lord revealed to the Apostle Paul when he said, "My grace is sufficient; for my strength is made perfect in weakness "(2 Cor 12:9). Not when you are stronger that people can see the amazing work of the heavenly Father in his life, but when most helpless, and success is absolutely impossible without the intervention of Him is why God has to release him from his self-sufficiency that will allow Christ to show their presence in and through you. It is only through brokenness that you stop relying on yourself and begin to trust in Him unreservedly



• Spend time in prayer, asking the Lord to give you a new perspective of His mercy and His provision, through the destruction you are experiencing.


• Make time for praise and worship, giving thanks to God for all the ways He is working in your life-including through-testing, and how he is preparing to serve effectively.

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