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UNITY is a concept that many say they know but that very few practice. Unity goes beyond physically being together. The word Unity comes from the latin "unitas" and it designates what is unique and indivisible. This meaning is not far from the Hebrew term "ejad" which means one which describes the God we serve.

A God who is tripartite but that works in harmony with the Son and the Holy Spirit. The word calls us the body of Jesus Christ. In the spiritual world as the body of Christ, the Lord has given us a function to exercise which was delivered with the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God in this world. With the Spirit as our guide we will embark on projects that will appear at the beginning to not make sense, but the exciting thing about it is that being a body my work complements that of my brother so my measure and the measure of my brother will bring as a result a successful project.

God gives us the opportunity to work in a team, to be effective in what we do. As sons and disciples we have the advantage of that by being connected to the source who is God, his Spirit enlightens our understanding guiding us to use the tools and the right strategies.

We understand that in the middle of the road when distractions approach we cannot forget the original purpose that led us to launch ourselves into our goal. In addition to that God has a parallel purpose to carry out in our lives that is part of the plan. And to carry it out He will allow us to commit mistakes that will perfect us and will make us mature along the way.

He has a master plan that He himself has planted in our minds so that guided by his Spirit we can execute as a body. Let us rest in Him because He has control of all things. Continually trust in Him and we will achieve what we were created to do by exposing as a result his masterpiece in us.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, declares the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”  Jeremiah 29:11. Blessings!

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We are committed as a church to be part of your spritual growth. We know we will be a blessing to your life and your family.

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