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HLIF are homes where you encounter lives such as yourself. It’s a place where you receive peace, helps your development in God and gives you hope which you may have already lost sight of. It’s a place where you can ask questions and speak freely and in camaraderie you will hear a powerful word. We decree and declare your way of thinking, living and your path will change.

Simple. Regardless of how serious the situation could be, there will be people to guide and help you on the right path. These people are prepared to lift and restore you with a word for your life that comes directly from God, with absolute confidentiality.

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Send us an email, with your phone number and address. We will inform you if there’s one close or in your area. If you desire we can make your home a house of peace. We guarantee you will not regret it; we are committed to root out people from their weariness, and show them to reclaim all the treasures God has in store for you. We do not live religion; we live a gospel of the kingdom, which brings good news to your life and all those that surround you. We know we will be of great blessing to you, we don’t bring rules, routine words, we only bring a word that will break down all your human expectations, and all seed that was sown incorrectly.

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