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Generation 300 is a ministry of and for young people, founded in order to enable and to base this generation so that they can reach their prophetic destiny according to the design of God for their lives. G-300 was founded by Ministry Un Cantico Nuevo directed by Pastor Carlos Chardon under the cover of Pastor Ricky Alvira. The name of Generation 300 was born within a series of studies in which Pastor Carlos spoke about the situation that Gideon went thru (Judges 6 and 7) compared to the situation we're going thru nowadays. Within these situations we say that:


1. The people of God sowed but there was no harvest because the midianites destroyed it.

2. The "people of God" the Israelites hid in the caves and mountains whenever the enemy  

   attacked them.

3. God chose a young person (Gideon) so that he could rise up and change the



Now when God chose the soldiers who were going to fight with him, he chooses them under this pattern:


It needed only those that were not scared to confront the enemy, those that had the same vision that the leader, those that guarded and those that were not hurried. Finally we saw that God diminishes the army of Gideon so much that only those that understood that the battle was to be fought with faith and not with our strength were left, because with our strength we are never going it to do it.


Within a perverse and corrupted generation in which the morality and the values are in the floor, God has chosen young soldiers who understand their purpose in life so that they can manifest the anointing which breaks the yoke that ties them to the natural atmosphere so that they can exceed the expectations which this world has of them, if you would like to be part of Generation 300 or want some of our messages you can contact us by leaving a message. Also you can look for us on or our page of YouTube TheGeneration300

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