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We are a ministry with no denomination; compose with a great excellent team. We have understood that the challenges this generation confronts for many years, the paradisim of men have limited the purpose and potential that god has predestine for their life. We understand there is a prophetic movement that breaks every type of limitation. In respond we have answered by lifting up this ministry to transmit the essence of a living God.

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In the ancient times the advanced technology we use in this century did not exist. For example; in this century we can send an email or text and we get a quick answer. The scripture registers that Martha and Maria sent a message with the most effective way of communication a messenger to let Jesus know Lazarus was sick. Immediately Jesus answers the message and says; this sickness is not for death, its for the son of god to be glorified. Understand that technology was not advanced as in these times today. When the message got back to Martha and Maria Lazarus was not sick he had already died. Martha and Maria as humans were sadden by this situation and did not understand the prophetic message from Jesus. Possibly with the help of other Jews they bound Lazarus and put him in a cave.


Youth it’s sad to say that this is the panorama that you have to live in this century. Martha and Maria and the other Jews represent a leadership that are locking vision and are insensible to a prophetic voice. The way the bound down Lazarus and put him in that cave without believing a prophetic word, that’s what they have done with this generation, with teachings they have bounded down and limit your potential to a system of pattern establish by men that have killed your dreams and goals. This is the prophetic time that God has determine to fulfill his prophetic word and in this way make those understand that did not believed in you that they them self  have to take away the obstacles and bandages.


This is the time where you will rise up as a generation conform to the heart of God and you will manifest the purpose of God in your life, you will open your wings and you will to the heights like and eagle and you will unlock the treasures that are hidden which were predestine for your life. Youth remember, you were predestined and the wind of the Holy Spirit will guide you to the path that was design for your life. DO NOT LIMIT YOUR SELF DON’T GIVE UP, THIS IS YOUR TIME.

For a long time we have heard negatives things about the youth. this vision of this ministry is to take out the mentality of defeat and proportion with a mentality of conquers. Our vision is to lift up youth with purpose to construct strongholds of power and authority over their life, their family and nation. We want to proportion the growth in every area of their life.


Our mission is to motivate the youth to have a personal encounter with God, and for their understanding in their life to be renew.(Romans 12:20)and to produce evidence of the kingdom(acts 1:8). Our vision is center in Jesus Christ and to conquer the treasures and to bring down any limitation. We want to multiply in them with our influenced and let the world know that there is youth that have marked the difference to be a blessing in your life. We are convince that we are walking in what God has predestine before the foundation of the world so we would walk in him.

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This is your Time