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We are a ministry with no denomination; composed with a great excellent team. We have understood that the challenges this generation confronts for many years...

Generation 300 is a ministry of and for young people, founded in order to enable and to base this generation so that they can reach their prophetic destiny according to the design of God for their lives.

Lizmarie Diaz Quiles is the leader of the dance team in UCN. She has the pleasure to have a wonderful group call prophetic move. She has been working with them for a period of 3 years. She has all the capabilities to train, and teach youth with desire and above everything passion in dance.

HLIF are homes where you encounter lives such as yourself. It’s a place where you receive peace, helps your development in God and gives you hope which you may have already lost sight of. It’s a place where you can ask questions and speak freely and in camaraderie you will hear a powerful word.


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