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In the month of June year 2000 the history of the church Un Cantico Nuevo begins. Bishop Leon and Pastor George Granados from the church Avivamiento Faro De Luz located in Chester PA, both guided by the Holy Spirit understood that Ricky Alvira and his family had a calling to the pastoral ministry.


When we came to the city of Carneys Point in the state of New Jersey there was a Friendship Mennonite church that had been praying for a period of three years seeking for Gods guidance for expansion. Pastors Dan Lapps and James Wegner guided by the Holy Spirit gave us the opportunity. We started working in the city visiting homes with the help of Pastors Paul and Joan Landis, they were the channel that god used to guide us. They would find the households for us and we would take biblical teachings to there household.


During the months of June to December in the year 2000 we would visit these families in the evening because I was still working my secular job from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We would travel from Claymont De to Carneys Point NJ and the majority of time our visits were from 6:oopm to 10:00pm. After reaching many families we decided to start services in the temple and we got together as a church.


Our first service as a church was December 24, 2000. As time passed the church started growing and we started to work with the families preparing leaders. We added services for example; Tuesdays was biblical teaching and prayer and Fridays were a variety of services and Sunday a service of motivation and restoration. We also added Thursday for choir rehearsal.


By 2004 the church was stable and rapidly growing with a word of the kingdom and of restoration. Great talented families united and a team of ministers had incorporated to our church and Thanks to God we were converted into a bilingual church. We also opened our web page ( and within 9 years of being established as a church we purchased our building and now own our church. I give thanks to God and to my wife and two wonderful sons because they have always been there for me with their motivation.



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