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Pastor Ricky Alvira and his wife started working in the ministry Un Cantico Nuevo in the year 2000. Pastor Ricky has a powerful calling to prepare leaders and disciples to do the work of the kingdom. His vision is to expand and edify with a supernatural word and take the gospel around the world. Pastor Alvira and his wife have been identified in their ministry for the passion they have for restoring and raising people out of there condition and given them a new opportunity in God. They are focused on what God has predestined for every person according to the word of God. Their desire is to gain souls for Christ and to prepare them with a word of the kingdom that breaks any human expectancy.

Pastor Ricky Alvira is the founder of Church Un Cantico Nuevo, a fast growing bilingual and multicultural church. He has had the privilege to be the pastor together along with his family since the year 2000. He is a family man that believes that to be an effective man of God you have to have your house in order. He has a masters in theology and pastoral and marriage counseling. He has had the privilege to travel to different countries such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, México and Alaska. Pastor Ricky Alvira focuses in preparing leaders together with the body of ministers of church Un Cantico Nuevo.

Pastor Ricky Alvira

The first lady Edda Alvira is a woman with good family values and principles. God has given her the gift of healing and has glorified himself using her manifesting the gift. Shes involved in different functions in the ministry and she works together with her husband Ricky Alvira. She has 3 years in secretarial studies from the University of Puerto Rico Cayey campus, 2 years from Salem Community College and 9 years of working as a social worker with children ages 3 to 4 and there families. Edda organizes activities within the church and her passion is to serve. One of her greatest successes is the Land of Little Giants camp which takes place every summer. Land of Little Giants has been recognized by the local newspaper The Sunbeam of Southern New Jersey and other local agencies. Her focus is to expand it to more children of the community and be able to reach people to come and accept the lord as their savior. She was part of the worship team as one of the leading voices and continues to be a worshiper at all times. Her greatest desire is to continue worshiping the Lord and serve him at all times, working together with her husband and  Pastor Ricky Alvira with whom she has been married for 23 years.

First Lady Edda Alvira

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